And away you go….


Make it easy to say yes to any type of get away with these multi season travel tips!

The essential dark denim good fitting Jean

Dress this piece up this way: wear a heeled sandal, a patterned flowy top, earrings and a necklace or if you like, add a nice knit simple blazer. * Show off those frayed edges*

Dress this essential piece down this way: wear your ‘chucks’ with no show socks, a striped T-shirt, and a lightweight cardigan.

Pack this extra piece for extra fashion mileage: leather jacket is going to give you more funky look for a day or night. And then don’t Forget to switch up your footwear.

The essential: a great fitting sheath style dress in a solid colour or a subtle print that will go with everything.

the-best-sheath-dresses-for-workDress this essential piece up this way: we are the same hill that you were with your dark denim jeans. Add a shawl and a beautiful non-neutral colour for style and warmth. Pack in your room that has the movement or is attention-getting something that has some shimmer so that it will catch the light.

Dress this essential piece down this way: add to the dress a Jean jacket, sunglasses, and a flat sandal or a bootie that hugs your ankle.

Pack this extra piece for extra fashion mileage: a wide brimmed hat in your favourite style

The essential: a cashmere cardigan that you can wear out on the town or overtop of anything else you choose.

Dress this essential piece up this way: wear your solid colour pump, add cardigan to your fitted sheath dress. Wear a scarf or a classic necklace and a pop of your best deep colour on your lips to communicate polish and elegance. * if you like oversized style, buy a cardigan in that style*


Dress this essential piece down: roll up your jeans, add your casual shoe and your striped T or a fresh graphic one. Roll the sleeves of your sweater up and if your T-shirt has long sleeves, pull them out to have a bit of contrast.

Pack this piece for extra mileage: a matching cashmere scarf. It adds an element of sophistication when worn together or the adds a pop of fun when you top off a casual look.

The essential: A few well edited accessories. * don’t leave home without these* know your tone

Dress up every outfit with these cool tone jewellery pieces: dangly earrings in silver, a long silver chain pendant or two of various lengths, and a leather/silver cuff.

Dress up every outfit with these warm toned jewellery pieces: a nice thick gold hoop or a mixed metal earring, gold bangles or a gold cuff, a long chain necklace that mixes gold with your favourite neutral beads that you might want to take along. Wear it long or double it up. Don’t forget to layer. More is best. 20161020_073838-1-1

Pack these extra pieces for extra accessory wattage: a statement necklace full of color, a chunky cocktail ring, and/or a solid scarf that matches your jewellery town.  Chic, Fun, Unique

The essential: a sleeper capsule like comfy drawstring pants or shorts and a loose top.

Choose cashmere or flannel for cold weather and cotton or silk for hot weather.


Pack these extra pieces for more active nighttime activities: silky robe, slippers, and perhaps a sexy nightgown or two.

The essential: A travel bag that suits your style.

The tote is perfect for a carry-on, shopping, touring and or going to the beach. Another travel bag choice is a cross body bag that is small to medium in size. It’s nice to have your hands free.

Pack this extra bag for variety: a small going out funky clutch in fabric, metallic leather or specially the season, something embroidered. These are fun for your evenings out.










If you need help to ensure your travel wardrobe is ‘turbulence’ free I am here to make this easy for you. I pack my clients for all kinds of travel and I would love to help you create your travel capsules. Just pick up the phone and call me so we can schedule that appointment.



Happy travels!

Wider & Wider…..

Crop full bottoms are a hot  trend this coming Spring & Summer.

Will you wear them? Have some from back a few decades? Here are a few looks I snapped recently while researching trends in Toronto.

As is the case many a things fashion and new styles, it’s all about footwear and proportion And feeling like you #ownthelook.. Being petite, 5’4″ or under may not mean this trend is not for you.

Wide legs are great if you carry weight in your thighs. Make  sure the fabric flows over your thighs, not cling to it.

If you are very slim and tall, anything goes. Lucky you.

Slim and petite, watch the volume of the pant and try to wear some height if you must have a full pant. The full pant can overwhelm a very petite frame.

Average build, and petite, choose your length carefully. Less volume is best but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a voluminous pair. If you do, wear a tall wedge or block style pump.

I’ll try this new trend but for me the width of the pant will be conservative, I’ll keep the length right to my ankles and shoes? Well that’s where the right bootie comes in and those gorgeous chunky summer sandals.

Layering works well for this style of bottom. I’ll be extending my height by wearing the same color top and bottom and layering something cropped on top. A long necklace or a waterfall selection ( several of different lengths) will finish this look for me.

cropped legs 3



If you need help with this trend or putting together your spring looks, call me. I’d love to help!

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do but… Making Up. Now That’s Way More Fun!

Ouch. That was ok because the Dr stitched up those lobes so I could do it all again.
And then in the early 2000’s I contracted a virus in my eye and could not wear contacts ever again, so glasses became my forever, every day accessory. Necklaces also were starting to attract my attention so the shift was natural. Away from earrings and on to statement and or longer interesting boho type necklaces…and bangles, lots and lots of noisy bangles. Remember those?

Having big hair is an accessory, not sure if you knew that. It stands out, which accessories should if they are working for you. Being mindful of that was new for me because I now had glasses, another accessory.

3 seems to be a number that comes up often in my consultancy business. 3 accessories in one outfit, usually. Buying something new, I like to be able to see that it can be worn at least 3 ways. Then it stays ( if the shopper wants it to). In a smart casual outfit I recommend there be 3 casual elements with at least one dressier detail to make the feel causally smart.

Back to the number 3. Starting out with 2 accessories (hair and glasses), I had to change up the way I wore jewellery. One more of something– yikes! When you love accessories that’s not good news. That’s when I started to love statement necklaces- more impact with just one piece.

Fast forward to now. Styles like slim dresses, tunics, shirt dresses still require the long layering necklaces for a balanced look, & cuffs are a mainstay because they add the finishing details to a 3/4 or bracelet sleeve and sometimes the color needed for that subtle wow factor. They’re a comfortable accessory and they’re quiet, something many a boss complains to me about!

The past season and carrying forward this spring we are seeing more dainty neck pieces, and earrings seem to be making a comeback. And they are not being demure about it either!

All style personalities are represented. Like this new twist to the traditional hoop by Carrie Schultz. Who can’t see a way to wear this most days? The fun is the pendant part that moves as you do. Sensual and playful. With your jeans or plain dress for work, perfect.


Or this boho femme kind of delicate agate pair. Paired with an all white summer jean look, perfect. Worn with red denim and a colourful breezy top this choice says vibrant and sassy.


Because fringe is EVERYWHERE you can opt for small doses if you like. How about this adorable statement earring? Black rolled up skinny jeans, black sheer slip dress floating over top you are edgy and sophisticated at the same time!


So this season I have decided to change it up – more earrings and less statement necklaces. Too much around the face isn’t good and the opposite is also true. Wear something to draw attention to your face – the communication centre.

With the vibe out there being more about lifestyle, easy, simple, less stress, these whimsical pieces make sense with the fashion trends and our moods.

Check out for more inspiration.

Have fun. Wear what you love! I am here if you need some help!

Stand Up Stand Out: Add That Edge

Women came together on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

They came to get the scoop on how to be more inspired with their wardrobe, how to move away from boredom and towards liking what they have to wear. They came ready to listen, vent, share and learn. The were engaged, serious, laughing, candid and real. They all wanted to know how to add edge the very next day. Some texted and messaged me that evening on how they were inspired, one sending me a magazine picture she’d found and broke it down to see if she got what made the look ‘edgy’ for her. She got an A+.

This type of work makes my heart sing. I know it is where I am meant to be.

Here are a few pictures from that afternoon. Upon seeing them, one attendee wrote “Wow, we all look so serious but we had a really good time.”  This is what engaged looks like.

My model a client, and dear friend wore the clothes to perfection. I created looks for every lifestyle and different EDGE personalities, 7 in total.

I plan to offer it again, there were several who have requested it so it’s going to happen. I won’t share too much in case you are in the next group there will be some surprises. Don’t you just hate SpOilErs?



edge extra ways to add

edge creative







And leave with ideas, they did. And new friends. And for sure hope in their hearts for all that they are and all that they can be when they Stand Up Stand Out and add that edge.

“I am so happy I came to this workshop. I have thought of nothing but these ideas for the past three days and I am making so much more effort every day to put a better version of me out in front of the world. Sue, THIS feels really good. Thanks you so much!”

Ear caNdY

As I said I loved and wore earrings every single day and then I didn’t.

As I moved out of my career as an educator and into image consulting, more into current styles and being more on trend, I moved away from earrings and found myself in a love affair with necklaces– all shapes, sizes, lengths, styles & mediums.

Statement necklaces worked well with the simplicity of other basics, I loved that as it suited my classic with a twist style persona. Sometimes.

Longer pendant necklaces worked effortlessly with tunic style, longer tops/ dresses and fit ‘n  flare style dresses. Another fav that complimented my causal organic style persona. Sometimes.

And then the 3’4 length sleeves flooded the market place, much to my delight. What the perfect space for a huge cuff or masses of bracelets. Perfect. This also blended and helped me communicate the boho elemental classic modern chic side of my style persona. Sometimes.

Earrings you say, what happened to that topic? I’m getting to that.

I have a rule of three- three accessories, three pieces of clothing, clusters of three when I decorate…. many of us in the image world  love the #3.

I wear glasses now, that’s accessory #1. My hair is quite curly or wild as you may or may not know, that’s accessory #2. That leaves me one more accessory if I subscribe to my own advice of 3.

I mostly choose the statement necklace. It brings visual interest and personality to my outfit.

It frames my face which is where I typically like the attention ( it’s the communication centre right?)

It balances the volume of my hair.

Add earrings to this and suddenly it’s too much. The viewer has no idea where to focus. Everything, even gorgeous one of a kind pieces, blend in and become less of a statement. Nothing stands out.

When I chose to wear a longer pendant necklace like these, instead of adding earrings, I prefer to layer a shorter one, further up my torso, closer to my face. Why? Again, keeping the attention higher, near the face. Plus I love the #waterfall effect of layered necklaces.


Also, earrings, unless they are larger and have movement, get lost in my hair. That doesn’t mean I never wear them, I do. But with caution and intention.

I love these and will wear them. How? With a mass of bracelets in silvers, golds and pearls of different shapes to make it work together without being matchy. These earrings are simple yet say pay attention. That’s the job of your accessories, to attract attention , momentarily and create interest.


So you say that makes 4 accessories. True. Sometimes I let 3 be my guide, other times,  I choose 5. Keeping balance and symmetry in my look is important and that’s how I achieve it– but it is planned . I pay attention when I look in the mirror to being just right, not overwhelming, or too  minimal.

If you have short hair, glasses, smaller types of earrings will work best, usually, than huge showy ones. Unless it’s your style persona to be creative and wildly fun. *your hair would be curly most often in this case.

No glasses, short hair with volume, go big, if they suit you.

No glasses, short hair, no volume, pay attention to size and balance.

Wear you hair pulled back most of the time? A statement earring will keep attention on your face and may just be the perfect personality match or conversation starter. Or make you feel vibrant and alive. Wham. Perfect.

If you love wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings then think in terms of 3.  Wearing all of these at once is not a good look. Usually. Pick three from the group- start there. Dangly earrings with necklaces and rings may be too much, especially if you are petite.  Look in the mirror, where does your eye go? How many statement pieces are you wearing at once, one works best. Sometimes.

If earrings are your thing, make them special and minimize your other pieces.

These, in my opinion are spectacular.I would pair them with an equally fabulous cuff, not matching but complimentary. No necklace.


These simple yet statement gold earrings beg for more- a messy gold necklace, a few clean line gold tone unmatched bangles and bracelets.


The oxidized copper and rose gold plated earrings tell me they’re searching for leather wrap & stringy thread bracelets, a cotton fringed scarf and that’s it. Sometimes.



I am hoping this helps you if you are an earring lover. And if that’s the case, start with those and play with the other aspects of your accessories.

Remember sometimes less is more.  However, just to make it fun, as fashion is,  as Iris Apfel says “More is more. Less is a bore.”


You know where to find me if you need accessory or any other wardrobe assistance. It is always my pleasure to guide you along.







A #LBS and One x the Fun!

And finally for those of you who are a Luxury Bo Ho Peasant type at heart – this #LBS. This is a staple in my wardrobe because of the versatility it offers me in terms of stalking and addressing my style personalities. Here is the 3 rd way I have chosen to show you how I wear this skirt– and how you can as well, if it appeals to you. You may recognize yourself here or in the previous two posts- fantastic!



James Perse knit midi ribbed skirt



There is the sense of wonder, romance and creativity in your soul. You appreciate beauty across the eras and you notice refinement. You enjoyed playing dress-up as a child and as an adult you are imaginative. You also like the thought of enchanted gardens and deep moody colours as well as whimsical patterns catch your attention.

You love artistic pieces especially in handbags T-shirts and scarves. Tiny details matter to you and although you like florals and romantic prints you keep them to a minimum. Pink is not your go to colour but you appreciate it in china, linens and minimal accents.

You love the feel and look of silky flowy scarves, pops of unexpected colour such as mustard or lime green. Dreamy sheer blouses take you back centuries ago when women dressed and looked like ladies  every day.


Cream silk flowy Max Volmary blouse, classic & costume pearls


Cameo necklaces, strands and strands of pearls and sterling silver lockets drive you crazy, you want them all! And you wear them whether they are the current trend or not. And on the flip, quite the opposite, you have a hard time resisting anything multicultural whether it be in your attire or home decor. Rich deep jewel tones grab you right away. When you need a dressy shoe, a strappy interesting sandal is your first choice. Trinkets from near and far find themselves in your midst.


Loeffler Randall strappy heeled sandal. Faux cranberry fun wrap scarf. Hammered silver, fresh water pearls, metal petal & wrap bracelets.



Loeffler Randall strappy heeled sandal. Faux cranberry fun wrap scarf. Hammered silver, fresh water pearls, metal petal & wrap bracelets. Rich merlot polish.


And sometimes this person is me. I have been enjoying wearing fringed pieces the past two fashion seasons from handbags to sweaters to exaggerated accents on my scarves. I have reinvented my inherited pearls and layered them with masses of new ones both high and costume.

And I am very much trying to address my romantic and feminine side which has been in hiding I’ve noticed. From the complements I’m receiving when sporting these types of looks recently, I’m thinking it’s about time to keep this an ongoing trend.

And it’s feeling wonderful to step out of my norm, and not be so predictable and express this side of me. You know as women we are always evolving and how we feel is definitely related to what is going on in our lives. Being mindful of this is important.

I hope you have enjoyed these three posts and that they have shown you one thing – fashion can and should be fun. Using your clothes to showcase you is important. You do have to dress in order to go about your daily routine SO why not make it fun?  Use your clothing to your best advantage and stand out as of the wonderful, beautiful woman that you are.

I know that you will feel fantastic. And you know what I’m going to say.

Because confidence is always in style.


I truly love your feedback, it keeps me focussed on sharing more and taking the time to create meaningful blogs for you to learn from, perhaps chuckle about and assure you know that we are all in this together, I am truly here to help.


A #LBS and Two x the Fun!

Hi again!

Here we are– the same skirt as in my first post that highlighted the why for this trio– seeing the style details that make an outfit different using the same wardrobe staple – the #LBS ( Little Black Skirt)


James Perse ribbed midi knit skirt


This woman is drawn to tradition and sensibility. To be on time is important to her, she is organized and pulled together. She will find security in high-quality labels and really doesn’t mind if people notice. She buys them because she loves them not because of the label. Timelessness rather than ” fast fashion” is important to her. She also likes to add a little bit of fun because this is a part of her personality that she really doesn’t put out there on the front shelf when she is in her professional work mode but she does like to acknowledge it. Although she knows the rules she could be known to sometimes break them or reinterpret them her own way….

Pinstripes, brand-name pieces, and polka dots attract her. She will wear Argyle in her own interpretive way and will consider new styles if comfort and longevity can be perceived. Tassels, fringe, finely designed leather and metal strap oversized good quality watches catch her eye. She wears them daily because they signal respect and mark tradition & that’s important to her. She will invest in good quality costume jewellery and plays with layering trends.


Cashmere fringed sweater



Classic Boss handbag. DeanDavidson gold cuff. Joie suede bootie. Stella&Dot feather fringe necklace 2016- the twist . Hermes inspired watch


And sometimes this person is me. I love tailored clothing and depending on my mood I will wear this style for long periods of time. Feeling restricted is not something that works for my style personality however I have found ways to incorporate traditional pieces that work in conservative workplace environments, by wearing them my way. The simple cuts & lines of this design style appeals  to me, no fuss, no distracting details. I choose to incorporate those through my jewellery choices.

It’s important to note that many of you are a combination of these style personalities and that you don’t fit into just one category. That’s the fun of identifying your style recipe because then you can see the wide expanse of looks that will feel good on you, that you can enjoy and experiment with, and that will authentically communicate who you are.

We know that’s a good thing.

Because confidence is always in style.


A #LBS and Three x the Fun!

Hello again,

Thanks for dropping by to read.

This series is along the same vein as my accessory posts have been lately – this series is based on a little black basic, the not so basic knit, tube maxi skirt. The #LBS And I Love it!

James Perse black knit midi skirt

Again this comes from my experience wearing this particular item last  week and the notion  that I could’ve worn it every single day, differently of course, but what comes to mind is the versatility of this basic wardrobe staple.

When I work with my wardrobe clients, what is always in my image consultant mind is the range that particular garments have in helping my clients dress for every aspect of their lives. The fact is – the more versatile the garment, the more value and subsequently the knowledge that purchasing it was prudent. For example, a skirt that was a steal at $99 that can be worn only one way, costs $99. Take for example, a skirt whose price tag is $199 but can be worn, at the very least, 5 ways. That makes it a $40 skirt. Get it?  Price per wear= true price= true value

Because I work to discover my clients style personality, in this miniseries I’m going to address three different style recipes. My intention is for you to see the differences in the details that speak to the different aspects of our personalities. First Up.


This woman is about less being more. She pays attention to form, function, and origin and she might be a nature lover who is also text savvy. She’s not afraid to pay attention more to a well sourced product. And she knows the rules of style.

A fisherman style pull over is going to be her friend whether it be new or old because open weave knits are something she loves. And the Fisherman Knit speaks to her. She also enjoys handwoven, cotton and/or organic fabrics. She loves plaids. Scarves, boho type wrap bracelets & organic anything including premium cottons suit her to a T.


Paul & Shark fisherman knit. watch. Torino plaid scarf.


A structured leather bag of good quality leather is important to her because it serves both function and her appreciation of timeless, rather old school leather pieces.


Structured box bag (Nordstrom Chicago)


Her love of anything suede or leather can be seen here in her selection of footwear. Adding the fringe detail reminds her and those who appreciate her look like she is indeed feminine and enjoys some movement in her clothing. The rich subtle yummy colours reminds her of the beautiful plants in nature and the true blue sky, especially come harvest when they are dead, dying (and  sumac).  They make her heart sing.


Matisse fringed ankle bootie. Vegan wrap bracelet (Framing and Art Centre , Ldn)


And sometimes this person is me. I love wearing these pieces together and of course I love mixing them up with other favourites in my wardrobe.

Whatever you choose to wear make sure that you love it, that it feels good on your skin and that you can walk tall with your head held high.


Because confidence is always in style.


The Neck Stuff…

The feedback I’ve had from the first post on this topic and bracelet organization was very positive and people seemed to like the idea of organizing jewellery in terms of tone. It’s easy and makes for a very quick access.

Today it’s all about my necklaces and I know there are quite a significant number of them, I admit it. But I must tell you I’ve been collecting them for probably 15 years. Some of them are treasured gifts from treasured family members, others are memories from places I’ve been and others, in fact some of my favourites, are very inexpensive finds that I was thrilled to take home.




Although the hooks look jammed I do edit them regularly and if you see me often you will recognize some of my favourite pieces here.




Below,  you can see easily that these two bundles are sorted by cool and warm tones – my silver metals of all shades of gray cozying up nicely to my warm, matte, brassy and gold pieces.



This hook really is in desperate need of a twin. These are my go to favourite style of necklace which are very organic made from all types of materials from burlap to yarn to leather to wooden and stone beads. Elemental is a strong style word for me which means I don’t have too many of these, rather I support my inner self. (well….hahaha)


These two hooks are happiness housing all of my colourful mostly choker necklaces. Most of these tend to be what I refer to as statement necklaces or bib necklaces.


No this old plate rack is something of a find I love it. I would never use it to display plates but it works wonderfully well for me to put my favourite fragrances, some pictures that I treasure and one that was gifted to me from a client. This first group of necklaces are tucked in beside the few belts that I own and it and the one beside it are warm tones. Many of these necklaces are pendant necklaces and I use them for layering purposes.


There is some overlap here but I wanted to point out that I do store my fine chain necklaces separately so that I do not break them. Several of these are early Dean Davidson (lots of circles & rings) ( pieces along with Re/United Designs from London, Ontario ( reds and another with polka dots and yellow) ( and a couple of vintage pieces I found when I was in the UK. These are all special pieces again somewhat delicate in nature and I like seeing them displayed on their own.


This large looking selection of necklaces are mainly higher end or designer pieces most of them gifts from my husband, with nothing else in common. The silver snake necklace is so old I don’t even know how old it is. But every time I go to recycle it there comes an event or occasion when it can be used. So here it is. The little grouping to the right are more organic necklaces that are mainly cool tone pieces.




These last two hooks are my favourite holders. I love that one is mustard and one is a Marine Blue. The paint is chipping off of both of them but they serve to secure some of my favourite tiny minimal chokers again grouped by warm or cool attributes.




And two more treasured pieces: one from my dear friend and image colleague in Australia, the other one that delights with it’s sparkly crystals in a lovely shade of navy.


This may seem excessive to you as it does to my daughters and that’s OK because they’re mine. For years, 14 to be exact, I wore school uniforms so my fashion choices were stymied but not completely nil. The only salvation, the only way I could jazz up my tunic, white crisp blouse or green or tan or burgundy cardigans were with my treasured accessories. So you see, this is a long time affair.


Here’s the point: if I didn’t wear them, I wouldn’t have them. If I didn’t enjoy them, I wouldn’t have them. If I didn’t wear them every single day, I wouldn’t have them. If they didn’t make me feel good when I put them on, I wouldn’t have them.

But I do and they do. And that’s the point.


Because when you feel good wearing something that you love it shows. And that’s important.


Because confidence is always in style.





The Arm Stuff…



If you know me then you know that I love accessories and I believe in their value 110%!

The easiest and most fun way to expand your wardrobe, once you have the basics, is through strategically purchasing and using your accessories which include necklaces, bracelets, watches, scarves, and earrings. Accessories can include your footwear, gloves and handbags but for this particular article it is all about jewelry. Bracelets for starters.  (How can I resist  a peek at a couple of my sparkly necklaces ?)



The final hour of the first appointment I have with a brand-new client, which is called the Style Appointment, is dedicated to putting new looks together based on the information that I have gleaned about the person’s lifestyle, desires, values and image goals. I use their new  ‘Style Words’ . This part of the exercise often involves their accessories because of the transforming powers they have.

No longer am I surprised when they pull out boxes, beautiful velvet ones, the coveted pretty turquoise ones or Ziploc bags with carefully wrapped pieces inside, introducing me to their accessories. Often times these have come out of dresser drawers, the top ones to be precise, where they have been buried under all kinds of garments typically lingerie, hosiery. Red flag: these accessories are not doing the job that accessories are intended to do and haven’t seen the light of day….in a while. When I ask the question “Are you wearing your accessories ( it’s rhetorical) the answer is faint, a shrug or a frustrated groan.

Here’s the deal. If you cannot easily access your accessories, you are not wearing them. Full stop. There’s really no need to try to convince me otherwise. I know how busy you are as women, I also know how frustrating it is to reach into a drawer and pull out a knotted mass of necklaces or to be flipping through boxes of jewellery pulling apart nicely placed cotton to find that piece you were looking for without success.

Accessories, like anything else, need to be organized. They also need to be edited. And loved.

Here’s another tid bit about your jewels. They should make up 70% of your wardrobe. Yup. That’s right. The easiest transition from a day to evening look, wearing the same core pieces, is switching out jewelry and footwear.

Because I’m all about you wearing your clothes more, seeing them through new style eyes, I’m going to do a couple of posts about accessories. Full confession: I am an accessory, a jewelry junkie. I edit them regularly but I must admit I have a difficult time parting with many of my pieces. I wear them all!

Because of the numbers I have collected over the years, they must be organized. I also like to plan my outfits ahead of time and I have been known to change my style – mind last minute. Organization allows for getting dressed quickly and getting me where I’m going in a timely manner.

For my first post I’m sharing my go to strategies – for my bracelets and watches.

I love wearing bracelets and as you know it’s a strong trend. Stretchy ones are my fav’s!


I organize by tone. That is my ‘warm’ bracelets are together, my ‘cool’ ones together and my miscellaneous which are mostly organic thus ‘warm’ are together.

Something else to keep in mind- how you organize them. When your jewelry comes out of the boxes and into full view, it’s prudent to think about what that looks like. Is your space modern, are you a minimalist in terms of decorating/ clutter, is your decor taste Mid Century Modern or an eclectic mix of life? Use what you have, what you love to display as storage options for your bracelets. That way your decor is consistent and you are repurposing things you already love . When you enjoy looking at them, you’ll reach for them.

When I am in my clients homes and discover the need for an accessory audit, my style eye (and resourceful eye) is looking around and planning what type of storage will help them enjoy and wear their jewelry more. So for me anything elemental / organic/ vintage works— old rusted coloured hooks, plate shelves, vintage and international candle sticks, little wooden containers, woven baskets. You’ll see these in the posts to come.


As I mentioned I love vintage finds– here I have repurposed an old plant stand, very old, by tying a colourful scarf inside & securing it underneath (the wicker is broken now) so it holds my go to wrap bracelets of all genres.

20161030_161457-1-1   20161030_155944-1


This first group, on my gorgeous Italian candlestick holder, are organic – so combos of wood, fabric, leather, string.



This second grouping are my cool tone bracelets from black to Stirling Silver to reds and baby blues.



Lastly are my go to warm metal pieces. I do have some higher end pieces in a small visible box just to keep them out of view from others. I know where they are and reach for them easily.



A small decorative bowl, that my daughter gifted me on one of her trips back from where she lives in Africa, is the perfect home for my watches which I wear daily. The bowl, which I love, serves dual purposes here making for easy access and automatically bringing a smile to my face thinking of Kellee.






Remember the rule – if you can’t see them, the likelihood of your wearing your pieces decreases. Accessories add so much value to your everyday look. They’re the easiest way to transition from one season to the next, they speak to your personality and are fun to wear. Not to mention they’re the most economical way to update your look.

I’d love to hear from you about what you learned, any insights you gained or steps you’ve taken to make wearing your bracelets easier from this post.

When you look good you feel fantastic. And that’s a wonderful thing.

Because confidence is always in style.


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